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TableTop Games, Books, Music and more

TableTop Games, Books, Music and moreTableTop Games, Books, Music and more

Touffaha fi Kfarhala

A New Adventure Novel by Dr. Ghazi Mikdashi

Touffaha is a young girl who stumbles across the magical world of Kfarhala. Follow her adventure as she faces dangerous yet exciting events and dives into Kfarhala with courage and curiosity. The book is in Arabic Language, and is available for sale at our store and at Amzon. 


Unity of Islamic Arts

An in-depth philosophical and artistic study into architecture, calligraphy and music

 This is a one of a kind study into three forms of art that flourished in the Islamic civilization. As Islam explains the unity of existence, Dr. Ghazi Mikdashi looks into the unifying characteristics of architecture, calligraphy and music in Islam. He shows that the fine elements that make up these apparently different forms of art are in fact the same. This further solidifies the idea that Islam finds harmony and unity in all aspects of our lives and the world around us. This edition is in Arabic text.  


We Want The Sun

Coming soon

Come back soon to learn more about an exciting new activity book for children. This is not your ordinary activity book. Besides an inspiring story based on an amazing musical puppet show created by Dr. Mikdashi and his Sanabel group many years ago to keep children smiling and singing in a time of political turmoil and civil war in Beirut, Lebanon, it also contains illustrations for coloring, and music to play and sing.