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TableTop Games, Books, Music and more

TableTop Games, Books, Music and more

TableTop Games, Books, Music and moreTableTop Games, Books, Music and more

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Mysterious and Content


Enjoy tunes that will keep you wondering and joyful at the same time.

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Published Music

In Memory of Fugue


A beautiful classical piano score based on the style of Fugue, mastered by J. S. Bach. In Memory of Fugue was one of the earliest musical works of Ghazi Mikdashi, Ph.D.

The Child On the Bike


This album is a compilation of a classical song by Mikdashi re-edited to be a masterpiece, a new daring complex tune which challenges the darkest side of our world to stand up for piece and freedom, and a beautiful melody reminiscent of Sinbad as he sails through a turbulent sea. 

Arabic Quartets


Arabic Quartets is a compilation of 5 amazing pieces of music originally made for 4 instruments. A mix of classic and new, Middle Eastern and Western sounds, make you embrace the world that is us. 



This album is one of the newer works of Dr. Ghazi Mikdashi. It takes you on a journey through the desert where nothing is what it seems. The sands are alive. There is a flower in the distance. There is a better place you long to go to. A farmer deserves a recognition. 



Have you ever listened to a small bird singing as he jumps from branch to branch on a tree close to you? Have you listened to a butterfly emerging from a chrysalis? Have you really listened? 

Love and Longing


Firas Mikdashi's first ever album is a set of two small pieces of music inspired by love. The love of a person you choose to be your partner for life, and the love of city you have left behind, and yet long to come back to. 

Z, The Visitor from Outer Space


  A beautiful calming melody that let's you meditate in appreciation of the universe we live in. It presents Ghazi Mikdashi's vision of an alien youngster exploring the universe as he discovers that our world is not so different from his own.