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Sultans and Kings: 2nd Edition


The 2nd Edition of Sultans and Kings promises improvements in play and components that will make more fun and enjoyable to play. 

Sultans and Kings: The Card Game


We have created a fun quick and yet mind-provoking strategy card game based on the Sultans and King's theme. 

Sultans and Kings



Sultans and Kings is a strategy board game where players move their army units across a historical map of the part of the Middle East that was known as the Levant. Their goal is to capture and/or liberate cities and castles that were socially, economically, religiously and politically prominent in that period of time. 


The board is based on the era of the Crusades which changed the demographic and political scene of the Eastern Mediterranean starting from the late 11th Century till few hundreds years later.  


Players choose to play the Saracen or the Crusader Campaign. They take turns moving their soldiers from lands to cities and castles, in an effort to conquer or liberate them. Although the dice is used int he game, strategy and careful planning are needed to win. 


The game was published in 2015.

Can be purchased on The Game Crafter Website.

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Sultans and Kings: Missions

An expansion

Sultans and Kings: Missions, is an expansion, which adds challenging fun to the original board game. Players have to achieve their missions in order to win. Missions are inspired by historical events that occurred during the era of the Crusades. 

Both the original game and the expansion are currently available for sale from The Game Crafter. Click on the picture to be taken to the website. 


Sultans and Kings, the board game